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Frequent questions

We solve some concerns below…

How to start working with Diva Flor?

  • Contact us and tell us your requirement and needs
  • Send us your weekly standard order
  • Receive our price quote, we have very good rates!
  • Pay to our accounts in: Ecuador, USA and Panama
  • You will receive the best flowers of the world!

Can you send me your price list?

Yes, we can gladly send you our annual average prices as a reference. However, as part of an open market, prices may vary constantly. If you wish to quote your order, send it to us and receive our price quote with the updated rates in less than 24 hours.

What is the minimum order?

2 boxes of flowers, from 500 to 800 stems approximately.

How many roses enter in a box?

Each plantation works with different packages, but on average they include the following:

Roses in 1 box (HB)
Rose length Number of stems
40 CM 450-500
50 CM 400-450
60 CM 350-400
70 CM 300-350
80 CM 250-300
90 CM 250
100 CM 200-250
Carnation in a box (QB)
Box Number of stems
0,25 400
Alstroemeria in a box (QB)
0,25 180-300
Gypsophila in a box (QB)
0,25-0,50 7 -18 por paquete. 1000 gr

If you need larger packaging, contact our sales executives, so we can offer you alternative farm maximum packaging of up to 650 stems per box.

What kind of flowers can I order?

Our main products are rose, carnation, gypsofila, astromelia, spray roses, carnation spray, garden roses, David Austin roses, dyed rose. But in case you need other types of flowers such as stabilized roses, chrysanthemums, lilies, sunflowers, hydrangeas, coves, tropical and summer flowers, we can also price quote you.

Can you take the order to our warehouse?

We have delivery only until Amsterdam. From Amsterdam there are a lot of companies that transport flowers to the different regions of Russia and ex-Soviet countries. We can offer you the contact of logistic companies with which we have worked successfully.

Do I have to custome clear the rose?

No, the shipping companies are in charge of all that work. You receive the flower already cleared!

Can you guarantee us the quality and complete availability of the flower even in high seasons?

All orders in high season are confirmed with due anticipation. In this way, we guarantee 100% the compliance of your order. We perform quality control at the flower farms and directly at the airport, before boarding to ensure optimum quality. With us you will not have unpleasant surprises on February 14, March 8 and other dates of high demand!

What happens if I receive the flower in a bad condition?

The time for the claim’s receptions is 48 hours, since the flower has been received. The claim must be accompanied by photos of all branches to claim. The total sum of claims is deducted from your balance.

What is a fixed order?

Usually the rose is purchased in open market, so the price fluctuates weekly. But if you want fixed prices throughout the year, you can choose our fixed orders.

How can I pay the order?

The payment is made through a bank transfer in dollars to our accounts in Ecuador, US or Panama. For more information and other ways of payment, please contact your sales executive.