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Beautiful and fresh roses for longer

Have you been given a beautiful bouquet of roses? Learn how to keep it.

It is with good reason that the roses are considered the queens of the flower world. Thanks to its attractive colors, shape, texture and wonderful fragrance, they have become one of the most desired varieties of flowers in the planet. Beautiful bouquets of roses are one of the first options when choosing a gift on special occasions is about, such us Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries and weddings.

Learn some tips to take care of them properly

It’s important to have on mind that all natural flowers require certain care to keep them in perfect condition for several days. Here are some tips from the experts of Diva Flor, so you can keep your roses fresh and beautiful for longer.

1. Cut the stem

Before placing the roses in the water, it is recommended to make a cut of 2 cm on all the stems to keep them fresh. Then, place them in a suitable vase.

2. Remove the leaves from the stem

Gently, remove the leaves from the stem, take the height of the vase as a reference. The foliage should never have contact with water, nor should it be inside of the vase.

3. Water and a little bit of sugar

The water level must cover at least one third of the vase. If you like you can add a teaspoon of sugar as food for the flowers.

4. Choose the best place

It is important to look for a space where there is not much air flow, or where the sun’s rays reach directly. The flowers should remain in a cool place, with light shade.

5. Keep it up with cares

Every two or three days, it is recommended to trim the stem 1 cm, clean the vase and change its water, preserving the suggested liquid level.